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Secure your account with yahoo customer support number

Yahoo support Number , Most questions find their answers in the help center or through Yahoo Technical Support users who are on the community forum. Your best chance of getting a personalized response from a Yahoo employee will be to send him a message via the company’s Twitter or Facebook page, however you should not expect to receive an immediate response.

Yahoo Support Number

Yahoo Email Help Number +1855-526-4335-is available via phone, e-mail, chat, social networking, help articles, or Yahoo’s help communities. If you have forgotten your Yahoo password, cannot log in to Yahoo Mail or need another product or Yahoo service, Yahoo NEVER asks you to pay for assistance.

Operations that the Yahoo customer service will never perform

  • You charge for assistance (resetting your Yahoo password, technical support, address spoofing or Yahoo account security issue).
  • Ask to connect remotely to your computer for assistance.
  • Support or approve third-party offerings that provide paid customer support.

How to make your Yahoo mail account safer:


Controls that affect the safety of Yahoo Mail are mainly found in one place. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Account Info”.


1. Protect your yahoo email account password


First of all, make sure your password and chosen, and do not share. If you need to change it, go to “Account the Info”, as described above, scroll down to the “Login and Security” and click “Change password” button.


Now check recovery and reset parameters – you’ll find the “Update password change data” only under the “Change Password” link. Here you can add a phone number and alternate email addresses that will be used to test you if you lose your password or find yourself locked out of your account.


Make sure that the information is relevant, and telephones and mailboxes that come are not available to people who you do not trust.


2. Con

figure a second sign in checking account


Yahoo refers to its version of two-factor authentication, as the “second sign-in verification” (2SV). You can enable and configure it by clicking the “Set up a second sign in verification” link again in “Logging in and security” on page “Account Info”.


Yahoo supports only SMS for their 2SV codes, so if you do not have a mobile phone, you’re out of luck. Once you’ve logged in once from this device, you will not need to provide the code. If you do not install it yet, just click the “Start” button and specify the phone number; if you are already logged in as the number one recovery is the default, but you can choose another if you like.


3. Check the settings


Also, see “Login and security” on the page “Info Account” option to “View the latest entry in the activity.” This will show the most recent attempts to log in to your account and other significant events marked the date and time, some information about the event, the type of device used, and the location, which can be displayed either as an IP-address, or better predict the country based on IP URLs. It’s also a good idea to check the options “delete other accounts, used to enter” and “Manage applications and website connections” in the “Sign-in and security.”


Finally, there is an entry labeled “Change sign-in settings”, where you can change the automatic time-out for login.


For any kind of help and services, be free to reach the customer support number of Yahoo. The number gets you connected to the technical support team of experienced Yahoo professionals who will help you deal with all kinds of issues related to Yahoo accounts. You can call on the Yahoo support number (+1855 526 4335) during working hours of the week.

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